Russia is in a deep systemic crisis.

The foreign policy gambles have put the country outside the civilized international relations. The dominance of the oligarchs and the people of the secret services background hinders the development of the country’s economy and a healthy business based on fair competition. The absence of an effective judicial system makes impossible not only a legal business but also life itself in the country. The socio-political system, with its managerial and organizational capabilities completely exhausted, is an obstruction to development for the last 17 years. The situation in the country becomes more and more unmanageable each day.
The income situation of the population is deteriorating, and the process becomes irreversible. Political life in the country is non-existent because there is no actual, active opposition. The slogans of democracy and liberalism are compromised and cause irritation in the majority of the population.
In this situation, the important question is if there is a force prepared to take responsibility for major political decision-making and implementation, to engage in a dialogue with the international community, to provide innovation leadership, to break the vicious cycle of Russia’s dependence on energy exports and, finally, to make the country economically prosperous and civilized, with no potential hazard for the rest of the world.

There is such a force.

This is the younger intellectual part of the Russian diaspora abroad, people who have the necessary knowledge and management skills, free from any communist, nationalist and imperial prejudices. Those people are able to engage in a constructive dialogue with the international community, to lead the way out of the political isolation the country is presently in due to the reckless foreign policy of the Putin’s regime, and to ensure economic growth instead of remaining doomed to eternal backwardness. These people have formed the movement FREE RUSSIA, headquartered in Canada and represented worldwide, along with the foundation Canadian Centre for Development of Democracy in Russia.

Without a change of elites there can be no development.

One option is collapse and degradation under the current communist-imperial power of the KGB descendants who keep pumping out of the country’s resources into their own pockets, while the mere fact of their existence speaks of Russia’s eternal inability to take the path of reforms and development. The other option is new forces coming to power, capable of leading the country out of the crisis. The Russian society has been long suffering from the “leakage effect” when professionally trained executives are sorely lacking in all industries. The movement FREE RUSSIA – people with up-to-date training, prepared to take on administrative and political responsibility – can be the avant-garde of the creative intellectual cohort in Russia.

We are ready to:

  • Form an alternative government of Russia abroad, entering into contact with all the political and social progressive forces interested in the development and prosperity of Russia.
  • Suggest a plan for most urgent reforms. The price of a delay would be escalation of military tension, nuclear and military threat posed by the current Russian regime (possibly leading to another world war), constant underdevelopment, along with the intellectual, moral and physical degradation of the society.

The essence of our reforms:

In the area of ​​state/political system –

  • Unconditional and complete renunciation of the imperial system. Russia must, at last, cease being the “prison of nations” and become a state where national and territorial components are connected together based on mutual agreements and unconditional freedom of movement for people, capitals, goods and services, and not suffocated by “the power vertical.” Recognition of the rights of the population of all national/territorial units to hold a vote of confidence and a referendum on sovereignty and separation from the Russian Federation.
  • Conducting a comprehensive legal reform on the basis of priority of the rights and independence of the individual: each person must be actually guaranteed presumption of innocence and personal immunity. We need to create a truly independent judiciary, the unconditional observance of the Constitution, in consensus with the international law, the priority of the notice regulations over authorization laws, a substantial easing or abolition of criminal responsibility for the economic and the “state” crimes, with the exception of the actual, rather than imaginary, terrorism.
  • The renouncement by the state of the paternalistic functions, and freedom of information. A significant reduction in number, as well as restriction of the rights and functions, of law enforcement officials, the main and only objective of which serves to protect the life, privileges and property of a citizen. The state should be of purely secular character and care for the security of citizens, rather than their spiritual and religious education and development – the latter is exclusively a private matter of each individual and can not in any way be promoted and financed from any public sources. A complete renouncement of any information and advertising restrictions, as well as financing any “social” advertising, which must be carried out entirely by the voluntary contributions of public organizations. Access to information is an inalienable human right and should not be restricted. Official government position statements should be broadcasted through one or maximum two TV channels. Ethical and spiritual education is the absolute prerogative of the family or, as a last resort, of charitable non-governmental organizations.
  • A thorough lustration of the law enforcement bureaucratic and military apparatus, without any personal or social reprisals. However, those involved in corruption schemes will have to return any stolen resources and be dismissed from any participation in the leadership of the country and its socio-political activity.
  • The gradual development of a civil society through the development of private and public initiatives, based on public and non-governmental organizations, the shift to a genuine multi-party political system capable of ensuring the representation of the interests of all segments of the population.

In the economic sphere:

  • Creation of the most favorable conditions for the development of a competitive environment in all spheres of economic and social life. Unconditional rejection of protectionist policies, along with elimination of the domination of “natural monopolies” and public corporations as major corruption mechanisms.
  • A review and reorientation of the entire system of budget spending. Reducing the tax burden on businesses, particularly small and medium enterprises. A significant reduction in the disproportionate to the country’s overall economic state military and promotional expenses, termination of “aid” to foreign confederates. Adoption of the appropriate legislation and simplification of the bankruptcy proceedings for legal entities. Removal of restrictions on pledge and sale or purchase of agricultural land, followed by the introduction of a free land market. Unconditional compliance with environmental legislation based on efficient environmental management.
  • Restructuring of the economy, based on the complete demilitarization of the industry. The final disposal of the legacy of Stalinist industrialization aimed at the endless, senseless and ruinous military-industrial complex. Priority development of high-quality consumer goods and services production. Overhauling of the construction, infrastructure and energy standards throughout the economy.
  • Introduction of a fixed exchange rate of the national currency. Removal of restrictions on foreign trade. Simplification of licensing and customs procedures. Full compliance with the laws and regulations of the WTO. Removal of restrictions on the activities of foreign financial, investment and insurance companies in Russia. Creation of the most favorable investment market based of legal and economic guarantees to investors.
  • Removal of restrictions on market trade and all kinds of small business. Giving priority to the development of the manufacturing industries, especially in the field of agricultural and consumer production.
  • The main goal of the government in the economic development is to ensure maximum safety and freedom of business activity, as well as the implementation of major infrastructure projects, and first of all – development of roads and transportation networks. Another priority is development of the pharmaceutical industry and advanced medical equipment.

In the field of international relations –

  • Immediate cessation of the policy of military gambling, unconditional withdrawal of Russian troops from all locations outside the Russian Federation. Reduction of the armed forces, transfer into a professional contract-based army, with subsequent army reforms. Revision of the military fundamentals towards cooperation and gradual integration with NATO.
  • Renunciation of any imperial geopolitical claims to be the “center of world power,” including the relationships with the post-Soviet countries. Relationships built on the basis of the general principles of international law and bilateral agreements.
  • Acknowledgement of the fact of a criminal nature of the Crimea occupation, the military operations in breakaway republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, in Syria, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Transnistria and Chechnya. Invalidation of the “Crimea referendum” results, unconditional return of the Crimea under the sovereignty of Ukraine. Termination of any form of support to breakaway republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, acknowledgement of the fact of their terrorist nature, withdrawal of Russian regular troops and volunteer forces from the breakaway republics’ territories. Arrest and extradition to the Ukrainian side of individuals found on the territory of the Russian Federation and suspected of terrorist activities or involvement in armed groups and their formation. Conducting similar complex measures in respect of the territories which were part of Georgia’s sovereign territory until August 2008.
  • Resumption and intensification of the work on preparation of a comprehensive agreement with the EU. Recognition of European integration as a priority strategic objective of the foreign policy.
  • Termination of the policy of nuclear and energy blackmails. Energy trade, as well as all foreign economic activity, must be built on free market competition and international agreements. Immediate renunciation of so-called “anti-sanctions” policy.

In the social sphere –

  • Renunciation of any projects of raising the retirement age.
  • Health care at any level should be covered by the state funds. It is shameful to be raising funds for medical treatment of children abroad, with significant amounts of money being spent on military operations and propaganda festivities (all kinds of celebrations, the Olympics and championships).
  • Every citizen should be guaranteed free secondary education and/or professional training. Any fees in this area should be stopped by the law enforcement agencies as well as through social influence.
  • The state must reduce tariffs and rates for utility services and assume a significant share of those costs. The existing system of the housing and utilities services is built on extreme communist monopolization and centralization and the absence of freedom of choice for the consumer. All debts accumulated during the time of the dominance of the existing regime in the housing sector should be written off. Before the load of the utility charges is put on the population, the system of providing those services must be completely restructured, tariffs for services of natural monopolies lowered, and an increase in the population’s ability to pay achieved.

We are in favor of the democratic revolution, striving to unite all the forces, both inside and outside Russia, ready to persistently and systematically work to reach these goals, to help transform Russia from the source of the world’s threat and aggression, that extorts from people their last resources to spend on dubious foreign games and endless growth of the wealth of the ruling elite, into a country that would be peaceful, genuinely civilized, attractive for living and investment, with dynamic economical and political development.

Long live freedom! Long live life and prosperity! No to war and aggression! We are for the truth and justice! For our future! We will win!